Soft Tissue Grafting

We take great care in delivering you high-quality care for a range of your smile needs. If you feel unsatisfied with the look of your smile due to an uneven gumline or gum recession, we encourage you to meet with our periodontist for soft tissue grafting in Mission Viejo, California. Please feel free to reach out to us today and set up a visit with Dr. Deborah K. Ruprecht by calling us at 949-472-5499!

Soft Tissue Grafting Q&A

What is soft tissue grafting?

Soft tissue grafting, also known as gum graft or perioplastic surgery, is routinely performed by periodontists like Dr. Ruprecht to repair defects in the gums. Soft tissue grafting adds gum material to a site in the mouth as a protective barrier around teeth, bone and dental implants, or to cover exposed roots for an improved smile.

Several factors may lead to gum recession, such as excessive brushing, periodontal disease or having a thin skeletal biotype. Left untreated, gum tissue defects can lead to progressive bone loss. But effective gum graft procedures routinely have these desired results:

  • Protection from decay and tooth loss
  • A protective barrier from gum and bone recession
  • Reduced tooth sensitivity
  • A more attractive smile
  • Improved comfort and confidence

Am I a candidate for soft tissue grafting?

If your gums have receded and you notice your teeth appear longer or the roots are visibly exposed, soft tissue grafting may be effective for you. Early treatment will give you the best chance for optimal results with gum grafting.

Tooth sensitivity is often the first sign of exposed roots and bone loss. If your teeth feel sensitive from sweet, sour, hot or cold food or liquids, Dr. Ruprecht will help you evaluate your condition and recommend any needed treatment such as gum graft surgery. Sometimes patients need to modify their toothbrush techniques to improve or protect their gums, and Dr. Ruprecht can help you with proper brushing methods.

How is gum grafting performed?

Gum grafting procedures can be performed for one or more teeth using gum tissue as a transplant. Dr. Ruprecht realizes having options is important in delivering quality care, so she may use a small amount of your own tissue (“autogenous”) or donor tissue (“allograft”). She carefully guides each patient with treatment decisions and will help you make the best choice for your needs.

When possible, Dr. Ruprecht employs the VISTA technique along with platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) for enhanced results. Access to VISTA is one of the benefits to patients of Dr. Ruprecht’s ongoing exposure to world class innovations at the University of Southern California. With substantial clinical research and effective results in Dr. Ruprecht’s practice, this minimally invasive technique can be highly effective for root coverage, soft tissue augmentation and accelerated healing. The VISTA technique is quickly becoming a new standard in soft tissue grafting for its many benefits that were difficult to achieve in the past.

After care

Even though soft tissue grafting is an outpatient procedure, it’s important to rest and follow directions during your recovery period. We will provide you with complete instructions for post-operative care that include rest, a limited diet, mouth care and restricted activities for a few days.

Dr. Ruprecht will prescribe pain medication, natural healing supplements and antibiotics as needed. In addition to remaining in contact with you following surgery, she will schedule one or more follow-up visits to monitor your healing and outline the next steps in your treatment plan.

For more information about the world class treatment available for soft tissue grafting with Dr. Ruprecht, call 949-472-5499 or request an appointment online.

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