Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Research and technology have equipped modern dentistry with capabilities that were unimaginable just decades ago — like platelet-rich fibrin (PRF). As a health-conscious practitioner, Dr. Deborah K. Ruprecht prefers using natural treatments when possible. That’s why she offers PRF for accelerated healing using your body’s powerhouse of growth factors and immune support.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Q&A

What is PRF?

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) uses a small amount of a patient’s blood to produce an advanced healing therapy with powerful natural properties. It is a simple process with many benefits.

The power behind PRF comes from the body’s innate capacity to heal itself with its own blood platelets and growth factors. PRF technology provides the ideal environment for healing because these natural agents are compressed into a matrix and concentrated locally at the surgery site.

PRF’s effectiveness comes from the power of your own cells. The more growth factors released into a surgery site, the more stem cells grow and produce new collagen or bone tissue. The fibrin’s leukocytes and cytokines neutralize potentially harmful organisms at the site of inflammation, infection or trauma. This allows the body to attain its greatest healing potential. In fact, most patients experience advanced healing in about half the time.

How is PRF put into practice?

Starting with a simple blood draw, Dr. Ruprecht completes the entire PRF process in a few minutes during your surgery appointment. She uses an FDA-approved centrifuge called IntraSpin®. This device’s superior technology creates high-quality blood concentrates for optimum healing benefits.

After considerable research, Dr. Ruprecht completed additional education and training as a licensed phlebotomist. She integrates PRF into her periodontal practice as a routine adjunct to surgery because the benefits are substantial.

Is PRF safe?

Platelet-rich fibrin has gained popularity as an effective and natural healing tool because it is derived entirely from the body’s own cells. With PRF, your body receives its own biomaterial with almost no risk of infection or rejection.

PRF accelerates natural healing safely with any type of oral surgery, including tooth extraction, gum grafts, sinus augmentation, dental implants, and almost any treatment requiring soft tissue or bone healing.

If you live near Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch or Solana Beach, California, and would like to learn more about how PRF can help you, Dr. Ruprecht is eager to share its many benefits and talk to you about our patients’ experiences. We look forward to hearing from you, so call 949-472-5499 or request an appointment online.

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