Autogenous Dentin Bone Graft: Your Tooth and Bone

In order to complete many of the implant-supported solutions we offer, you will need a stable jawbone to support your restoration, and our periodontist may recommend a bone graft before beginning your treatment. At Deborah K. Ruprecht, DDS, our team offers autogenous dentin bone grafting to ensure your procedure is as safe and efficient as possible. To learn more about autogenous dentin bone grafts in Mission Viejo, California, call our office at 949-472-5499 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Deborah K. Ruprecht.

Bone grafting is a procedure our team may suggest to prepare you for an implant-supported restoration and to help prevent deterioration of your jawbone. It has been shown that bone grafts taken from your own body are more effective and provide better results than grafts using artificial or donated material. Using your own bone for a graft, however, often requires a second surgical site from which a doctor takes the material to use in your graft. In order to prevent unnecessary surgery, which increases your risk of infection and lengthens your healing time, our periodontist uses a special tool called a dentin grinder to grind an extracted tooth into a usable grafting material. Bone grafts made with this dentin are called autogenous grafts and are considered the “gold standard” of grafting material because of their low risk of infection and the overall satisfaction of patients once the treatment is completed.

For many patients undergoing a bone graft in order to prepare for an implant-supported restoration, a tooth extraction will already be mandatory to help them achieve optimal dental health. An autogenous bone graft, then, allows them to receive the highest quality graft available with no extra steps or procedures on their part. Our periodontist will simply take the extracted tooth and use the dentin grinder to create a ground dentin material that is then sterilized before then being used in your grafting procedure. Once the grafting location has healed, you will be prepared to proceed with your restorative treatment.

If you are interested in an autogenous bone graft and would like to learn more, feel free to visit our bone grafting page here or give our team a call at 949-472-5499. We look forward to hearing from you.

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