3 Cases for Guided Implant Surgery

3 Cases for Guided Implant Surgery

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When we plan an implant procedure for you, we enjoy the most exciting and technical part of the treatment process. Before we plan a case, we have three main goals in mind. First, we want to anchor your implant in solid bone. Second, we want to connect your implant with a beautiful restoration. Third, we want to enable you to function comfortably and naturally. With guided implant surgery, the surgeon, dentist and lab accomplish these goals with better precision and ease.

Guided implant surgery gives us a complete digital workflow and allows everyone on the dental team to communicate with each other on your behalf. Using digital impressions, guided surgery eliminates the hassle of the traditional method, improves efficiency and reduces treatment time in surgery. It is a win-win for everyone involved.

Dental professionals have placed implants using the traditional freehand method for decades. Depending on the situation, freehand placement works well when there is adequate bone for single implant sites. Here, we identify several cases where guided implant surgery may be more favorable.

1. Esthetics

Great-looking results are especially important if you need dental implants in the anterior or front of the mouth, often called the esthetic or “smile” zone. Our digital workflow includes 3D scans and an aesthetic design process that helps you visualize the way your smile will appear. Implant patients love the confidence of seeing how their final restorations will look in advance of surgery. We design every phase of the guided surgery process with the outcome in mind: natural-looking teeth where it matters most.

2. Bone Loss

Our teeth stimulate healthy bone support when we chew, and missing teeth leads to bone loss. If you have bone loss, our treatment planning software allows us to see the planned implant in your digital scan and see if you have enough supporting bone. We will know ahead of time if additional bone may be needed to help support your implant. This ensures we include all procedures during the planning phase. The custom surgical guide created from our digital treatment plan will guide your implant so it aligns with your crown restoration. Properly placed implants will last decades and help maintain a healthy jawbone even when there has been bone loss.

3. Multiple Implants

Dental implants have become the gold standard for tooth replacement because they offer superior benefits for durability and aesthetics. When we place implants next to each other, the proper angle, depth and position are essential for correct spacing. Guided surgery makes all the difference in giving experienced surgeons complete control and greater accuracy when placing multiple implants that look and function naturally.

Summing It Up

If you are missing teeth and have a routine case, you can be confident that freehand implant placement by an experienced surgeon like Dr. Ruprecht will give you a successful outcome. But if your need involves one of the situations mentioned here, be assured that guided implant surgery offers the additional accuracy and predictability that are appropriate for you.

To know whether guided implant surgery is the right approach for you, please call our office or request an appointment online. We look forward to talking to you soon.

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